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Chartered Flight Services

Chartered services offer the greatest flexibility for shipping cargo. A chartered flight will take off from a time and place of your choosing to a location of your choosing. However, there is a cost.

Chartered flights can be booked for both passengers and freight using anything from lightweight aircraft with 340m flight radius and 500kg cargo capacity all the way up to the largest B747 cargo planes and commercial Antonov services.


Boeing 747F

Executive flights can be arranged for special meetings, conferences and trade shows allowing teams to arrive at their chosen location refreshed, avoiding busy airports and traveling with the support of fully flexible departure times.

Chartered cargo flights can often be sourced quickly at short notice, 24 hours a day.

Benefits include the ability to avoid road haulage considerations for bulky abnormal loads; rapid transit times ideal for breakdown spares, generators, power plant machinery etc; as well as enhanced security.

Remote destinations can be accessed by a range of small aircraft capable of landing on shorter unpaved runways including private land.

High value cargos are also suited to chartered services. Whether its sensitive to environmental conditions such as foods, medical shipments or artwork, or if its just unique and irreplaceable; a chartered service offers peace of mind that your cargo is not being handled as regular freight.

Complete solutions can be offered integrating regular scheduled flights, for example out of Heathrow through to other major destinations followed by a suitable charter service to your final destination.

If you have a need for a chartered flight and would like to learn more, please feel free to give us a call.