World Cargo Solutions


World Cargo Solutions have access to a wide range of scheduled consol services to a range of countries including India, China and Dubai.

Consol services are a cheap option for shipping to a particular destination where delivery is not time sensitive and are generally flown on a weekly basis.

Regular consol services used from Heathrow include:

  • Delhi
  • Dubai
  • Brasilia
  • Kuwait
  • Sydney
  • Bangkok

We also utilise a number of consol services out of Birmingham and Manchester airport as well as import consol's from India and China.

Consol's are suitable for regular stock fulfillment cargo shipments where there is no urgency such as manufactured components for production lines, t-shirts, CD's and raw materials in low volumes.

High volume cargos are better suited to dedicated services where more than 75% of the cargo hold is required.

Consol's are also suitable for one off shipments where time is not an issue and the lowest price is preferable.