World Cargo Solutions

Regular & Priority Air Services

World Cargo Solutions offer all types of regular and priority airfreight services in and out of Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham.

Door To Door: We can arrange for all shipment types from door to door and in between such as door to port etc. World Cargo Solutions are perfectly placed to handle small shipments choosing from a wide range of commercial services to provide the most cost effective and efficient service.

Regular Airfreight: Standard services utilise a range of carriers including commercial passenger aircraft on scheduled flights through to space on scheduled cargo flights. Availability on these services is generally allocated on a first come first served basis which results in a 1-2 day window, sometimes more. This service is the most cost effective and in most instances is perfectly suited to most cargos. The more complex the route, and the more jumps, ie, flights involved, the greater the delay. In general, most principal global locations can be shipped to within 3 days.

Priority Services: For urgent air freight cargo shipments priority services are available on most routes. Priority services are shipped on a must fly basis. This means that the delivery can be determined exactly based on the schedules of the relevant flights and depending on availability same day and next day deliveries are often options.

Price and transit time will always be dependent on the nature of the route with major routes such as Heathrow to Delhi being cheaper than Luton to Shandong Province in China.

Whilst priority services are faster than regular freight services, they are still only using standard scheduled services. For very urgent shipments, courier and chartered services are options were near immediate delivery is required.