World Cargo Solutions

Project Cargo

As a small dynamic company we always keen to handle project cargo, whatever the size or complexity.

We offer full multimodal solutions using regular and special chartered services as required. Our expertise allows us the ability to cater for all global destinations from the depths of mountainous tropical regions to the wilds of arctic tundra's.

Our expertise and scale is suited to medium sized projects such as the relocation of a factory within the UK as well as overseas.

All types of transport can be included into a project movement including helicopter lifts, reach cranes for positioning into awkward areas and custom shipping jigs & packing.

Examples of industrial project cargo include:

  • transformers
  • generators
  • turbines
  • diesel engines
  • cable reels
  • buildings
  • steel piles
  • vehicles
  • excavators
  • trains
  • tanks
  • industrial plant
  • mobile cranes

Multi-location cargo can be coordinated where multiple items are due to be shipped from various origins such as separate manufacturers/contractors and need to arrive according to strict timetables.

All route planning can be handled including police notification if required as well as access requirements including obstacle removal (bollards, telephone lines) and of course identification of low bridges, narrow roads and tight corners. World Cargo Solutions Ltd can take care of your every requirement for small to medium scale project cargo operations. For more information please feel free to call.