World Cargo Solutions

Out Of Gauge

If it’s an out of gauge or exceptional load, then our specialist project team will tailor-make a robust solution that absolutely right for you. Ours is a service that is endlessly flexible and responsive, whatever you require, wherever and whenever you need it, you’ll find we have all the right answers and solutions for you.

Abnormal loads by road can be catered for with a range of vehicles including hiab trucks, low riders and wide/long trailers. We have experience with the shipment of machinery, vehicles and cargo around the UK and Europe.

Sea freight can be shipped using special equipment such as open top and flat rack containers with tarpaulin covers suitable for cargo having abnormal dimensions.

Air freight cargo too large for regular aircraft generally requires dedicated cargo services ranging from small short range jets suited to weights upto several tons through to 747's and heavy Antonovs.

As well as scheduled cargo services chartered flights can be used to suit requirements. Whilst chartered flights are the most expensive option they offer the greatest flexibility. Chartered services include Antonov and B747F's airlifts.

In all cases, care is taken to ensure that the most suitable solution is used. Full packaging can be undertaken including crating, strapping and weatherproofing. Also, as a small independent company we are well placed to identify the most cost effective solution, saving you money at the bottom line.